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Anamanaguchi - Prom Night

Holy shit so good.

Wow this song is really fantastic.

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A dude I made for one of my classes. He’s a half-golem gladiator guy with a pompadour. Other gladiators get dropped into the stadium to fight him, but he punches them out really easily.

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Happy April 1st! I couldn’t think of a good prank, but here’s a bad animation flexing Volibear instead.

Happy April 1st! I couldn’t think of a good prank, but here’s a bad animation flexing Volibear instead.

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Oh man I forgot I had this photo. I cosplayed as the Mayor of Can Town at the last ALA convention. I had a can city hall too, but I don’t remember if I had a photo of that or not. All my art is League of Legends, but I enjoy Homestuck too.

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A sleepy Caitlyn! Crime fighting is tiring work!

Long time since I made any League stuff.

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Long pose figure drawing. I had some time left over, so I drew armor over her body.

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look at these boots and tell me you dont immediately want to go adventuring in them holy shit i love these shoes so much



Yo so I have a similar US womens size 8 black (they look brown cause of my yellow light) version of these boots (mine look a little shorter so I don’t think they’re exactly the same) at home, but I’ve never gotten around to wearing them because it never got cold in California ever, so they are new. I don’t really want them anymore though so I’m gonna trade them away. I don’t remember how much these cost so if anyone wants to some haggle money, OR HAVE SOMETHING COOL TO TRADE FOR THESE PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE.image

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30 minute speedpaint. Rocket Punch!

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While everyone is on Twitch Plays Pokemon, I’m was on Twitch Plays Digimon World 3 earlier controlling this guy with like 2 other people.

Twitch Plays Digimon World 3 is isometric so even if the stream only has like a little less than dozen viewers it’s still really awful lol.

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I missed the Sunday Morning Lolz Contest for League. :C

I’m so saaaad. 

I guess I can polish up the comic though, since I can’t submit it anymore. Incoming comic soooon~